Half Day tours are for up to 4 Total consecutive hours during the day (daylight hours only). You chose the hours.

Full Day tours are for up to 9 Total consecutive hours during the day (daylight hours only). You chose the hours.

Daylight hours are considered from 30 minutes after sunrise to 30 minutes before sunset.

Searle Canyon Red Beryl Mine – UNGUIDED (SELF-GUIDED) DIG
Note 24 HOURS advanced notice is required for unguided digs! Call or text us to see if we can accommodate you if less than 24 hours: 801-628-3648
If your UNGUIDED tour conflicts with a special event at our mine or our regular mining schedule we will contact you ASAP to try to adjust your tour.
scroll down for more detailed information and pictures of our digs.

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UNGUIDED (SELF-GUIDED) TOURS. This option is for members that have ALREADY been to our mines and want to experience the mine on their own without any assistance. Unguided tours are mainly for those who have already visited the mines and have had the initial help and instruction.

Please select VIP GUIDED if you want help getting to the site (yes it is hard to find), help with digging and instruction and guide for the entire day! VIP GUIDED is REQUIRED if you you have never been to the red beryl mine!

A visit to the Searle Canyon Red Beryl Mine allows you a unique opportunity to collect a very rare and valuable gemstone known as Red Beryl (sometimes referred to as red emerald). Red Beryl is much more rare (1,000’s of times more rare) than diamonds. Our working mine is world famous and you a chance to find your own gems? Red Beryl, Topaz, Bixbyite, Amethyst and more. You get to keep everything you find at no extra charge; the standard dig fee allows you to keep all you find. You dig and screen your own rock. You should bring your own tools. Recommended tools are: Rock Hammers, Chisels and Screwdrivers. For those who wish to use our community screens we do have a few on site. This is a SELF-GUIDED tour. For days booked with over 10 adults we try to be on site to help and supervise the tour. Once you have pad paid we will send an informational packet and also liability forms you will need to fill out and send (by post or electronically) prior to you or your group’s visit.

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