Choose from three different dig options:

  • Searle Canyon Red Beryl & Topaz Mine (1/2 mile round trip intermediate hike is required! Not recommended for those who have trouble hiking.)
  • Solar Wind Bixbyite & Pink Topaz Mine (Can park close to digging area. Very easy minimal to no hike required.)
  • EXTRA: Combo-Pass Both Mines (Same Day or Consecutive Days)

Can be easy to strenuous depending on how you would like to dig. We supply you material to screen if needed or you can work your own area.

Dig and Keep your Own Gems.

  • YES, you will find gems!
  • We help you though the whole process and educate you on the minerals and geology.
  • Choose your experience: Can be easy to strenuous (your choice).

Hours:  Single Mine (10am - 3pm) | Two Mine Tour (10am - 5pm) 45 minute drive between mines.